chow kit photowalk- sunday market

yeah that was my first official photography outing
thanks to syuksharkawi for the invitation
too bad i arrived late there - not my luck
there were quiet numbers of amazing+talented photog who make it there
nice to meet u all guys!
also thanks to tompel for accompany me throughout the day
we accidentally met with atif and blonde (former schoolmates)
hahaha what a coincidence
overall it was great and i want more!! (if possible =p)

rmai sungguh org kat area ni (ckp melayu plak)
lagi2 hari ahad kad
jauh gak aq ngn tompel pusing2 kt sini
segala ceruk kami masok
kdg2 seram pon ade gak
tempat sembelih2 sumer...huish

tp byk gambo yg aku tembak aritu rosak
aq xtau asl..memory card aq dh biul kot
down sial
tp nex time klo bleh nak soping bundle kt chowkit plak
mehla ikot jom!


redplasticbag said...

i adore pic pisang tergantung yang banyk2 tu
view dia sangat cantik :)

nazmi shaarani said...

tq komen!!!

syuk said...

bundle dier superb!

nazmi shaarani said...

2la psl
x tahan woo

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nazmi shaarani said...



Puteri Bahiyah said...

cantik sungguh!

nazmi shaarani said...

Puteri Bahiyah

haha biase je la..
anyway tq