saya jimat.saya minum ais kosong!

A week of having classes at the campus was good
It's quite fun actually.having met lots of new people,new friends, and new challenges as well
not much for this week, but expect that there will be lots more for the next week
especially the assignment.grrrr!
last night I got nothing to do so I went to mbpj stadium nearby with hasif, watching match between myteam n penang
myteam won 2:1
(haha dh boring nk btpe lg kan?!)
and the fact is:the crowd on the bench can be counted by your fingers only..
this is serious haha!
(suku sakat player je la tuh kot.)
not bad lah.


maisarah mansor said...

lalala kesiannya, apa pun itulah hidup.

nazmi shaarani said...