di jepun smlm mereka mnyambut
'hari ketawa sedunia'... (tgk buletin utama)
di malaysia?
knape xde?
mgkin depa keje byk sgt..
mslh byk sgt...
hidop dpa laju sgt...
smp xleh ketawa,
smp kne ade satu hari khas utk ketawa...
hahaha(aq tgh ketawa nih!)
blah laa
hari ketawa sedunia lah!
satu dunia ayuh ketawa
(ketawa byk sgt pn x bgos sgt mengikut syarak,cukuplah alaqada sje hehe..)

futsal here I come!!!!!!!!!

Why a “World Laughter Day”? (from wikipedia)

Today, many people fear widespread international terrorism. The world has never faced so much unrest before. People are at war within themselves.

Laughter is a positive and powerful emotion that has all the ingredients required for individuals to change themselves and to change the world in a peaceful and positive way. It directly impacts one’s electro-magnetic field and creates a positive aura around that person. When a group of individuals laugh together, they create a collective community aura. Electromagnetic waves from a group who are laughing every day form a protective envelope around that area to protect it from negative forces (similarly, people believed in ancient India that one saintly person was enough to protect the entire village).

Laughter is a universal language, which has the potential to unite humanity without religion. Laughter can establish a common link between various religions and create a new world order. The idea may sound over-ambitious, and maybe it is. But maybe it is not. It is our deep belief that laughter and only laughter can unite the world, building up a global consciousness of brotherhood and friendship.


syahmi m.s. said...

gelak gelapkan hati
ko taw x??
tgk diorang gelak..
skali2 diorng gelap!!

norman.bulat said...

kalu gulei pegi..
mst die suke..

nazmi shaarani said...

ghulei klo gelak!!!
roboh dunia(hiperbola)

RUFFeza said...

orang malaysia gelak byk sgt,tgk wonderpet je keje, tu yg tak maju cam jepun!

nazmi shaarani said...

kamu le gelak byk!!!

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