It�s not called the Theatre of Dreams for nothing.

Seventeen-year-old striker Federico Macheda(KikoMacheda), making his first-team debut, became an instant Old Trafford hero when he scored a sensational injury-time winner to send United back to the top of the table.

Macheda, thrown on for the final 30 minutes, capped a superb performance with the sort of goal usually scored by the likes of Rooney or Ronaldo. Receiving the ball with his back to goal, the young Italian's first touch took the ball between his legs, wrong-footing his marker and allowing him space to curl a superb shot past Brad Friedel and into the far corner.

for me, that's differ ferguson from other epl managers. other words "a star was born....."

gler mantap laa,bru sebaya aq siot!


syahmi m.s. said...

sebenci2 aku kat manu...
wa tetap respect sama gol macheda nie..
leleh air mate aku tgk turning goal die..
top corner plak 2..
sumpah leleh beb...
x pernah tgk bola leleh air mate...

norman.bulat said...

haha..gile r..aku respect dow..
die kire hero m.u season ni..
bola dy agak masyuk r..
x bajet dy ley turning..
da la family die datang!
glory2 man utd!

nazmi shaarani said...

smat dow dier
aq asyik mimpi je klo la jd cam dier.....
bes wwoooo

Anonymous said...

die 17 dowh.korg 18 taun pon x maen ngan negeri.
tp die mmg mantap pon.
kt manu reserved die top scorer.

nazmi shaarani said...

aq 17 lagi!
dh men utk rumah
utk skola rendah pon penah beb!!!!

Z said...

ko prnh dgr perkataan NASIB tak?

nazmi shaarani said...

aq lg suka dgr
pekataan TAKDIR...