KJ menang

I dunno why i'm really looking forward for this year UMNO General Asssembly
maybe because this year is the party general election after the 'tsunami politic' that happenned during the PRU12
everbody(media,press,people and so on) talks about it every day
even though most of the political viewers said that UMNO had lost their attraction to the citizens, there's still lots of
'cameras' pointing towards what's going on inside and outside the party
no wonder i've heard a minister said that
"agenda UMNO adalah agenda Melayu dan agenda Melayu ialah agenda negara yakni Malaysia..."
btw for me the most attracting coalition is between the UMNO leaders is for the UMNO Youth Chief position..

aq igt Mukhriz mng tp KJ plak yg dpt..
agak down gak..(bodo bkn ade kaitan ngan aq pon!)
tp ape yg pasti....
-Mahathir mesti marah punyer-
-dier kan anti KJ!-
-standad la 'hero' klah dlu-
-power rangers contoh terdekat..-

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