tension nih!

it had been 2 days since i'm not on9
so when i woke up this morning i thought that it must something to wrote here
but i don't know about what
so as usual, checking my email, myspace and so on
by the time I went to facebook as usual, login and then...

"your facebook account had been disabled by the administrator...."

come on lah
what is the fucking shit that i've done hah!
it's actually the 2nd time my facebook accnt had been disabled
the first time was in early 2008 but that's okay bcoz it was my fault
I also had been given some warning and notification before they do so
but for this time,
it's completely nothing
what the hell is that
i've been knowing lots of new friends and also be the founder of two groups there
but now everything seems to be gone-OMG

today is the last day of february
spm rslt will be coming out about 2 weeks ahead
huuuh...cuak lagi ni
mintak nyawa! mintak nyawa!


syahmi m.s. said...

jgn maen WTF waktu2 sebegini.. result nk keluar.. lebey2 kan gune astaghfirullah.. haha

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