down & up and up & down

consequential lovers - BO (bedroom sanctuary)

get on my back
it will be our secret
only the walls will be our witness

don't kiss me nowt
ill we are behind closed doors
then i'm opened to anything you want

come let's forget about the stakes now
ignore the world it starts now
good reasons why we should try

you spent the night
ow i dare say i've seen it all
the silent stares it was a ball

these vegas nights will burn till
the mid of the second month
till then i promise i'm all yours

it seems to be hard for me
after all the things that happened to me lately,
it's quite dissapointing.....
but somehow
after listening this song
it's cheer me up yeah!!!!!!!!!
especially at the chorus part

you guys better tune up for this song
just check out the myspace link above
if you follow 'hoppers&ahlimuzik"
you should know it.

p/s:"tomorrow will be the 'jpj test' for my driving class
cuak siot!"

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